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Avalanche Studios are taking steps towards more climate-neutral offices

In 2018 Avalanche Studios Group opened its offices in Malmö, Sweden. One of the goals for its Studio Manager, Sara Ponnert, was to explore ways to create a truly sustainable office. The office in Malmö became a step on the company’s journey to becoming more climate neutral.

“Living sustainably is a passion of mine and I found that there were so many easy wins for Avalanche Studios Group”

Sara Ponnert, Studio Manager and Sustainability Coordinator

Every little thing counts

The greatest emissions from Avalanche Studios Group are not, however, from their offices. Traveling and hosting are the largest contributors, according to the initial calculations by Sara Ponnert.

“We need to clean our own backyard first before we tell others to clean theirs, therefore we also need a focus on our offices. Furthermore, everything counts – even the smallest details”

Sara Ponnert, Studio Manager and Sustainability Coordinator

Some of the things Avalanche have done in and around the Malmö office are: 

  • Use second-hand furniture
  • Primarily buy local and organic food
  • Using 100%  green energy 
  • Choosing a sustainable office building
  • Placed office centrally to allow commuting with trains and bikes

Success depends on our colleagues 

There are several things that can be done by managers alone like choosing green energy, choosing an environmentally friendly building and stuff like that. But many other initiatives are driven by all employees. 

“The way we sort our garbage in Sweden is different from other countries, so we help all our employees understand the importance of sorting garbage and how to do it. Similarly, we have everyone turning off their monitors when leaving the offices. Seemingly small things, but they do have a big impact in the long run”

Sara Ponnert, Studio Manager and Sustainability Coordinator

To create awareness amongst all employees, Avalanche Studios Groups is creating guides and nudges to help employees make better climate decisions. As things move forward they are planning on doing seminars to further increase awareness and for the employees to share their ideas on how Avalanche Studios Group can become more climate neutral. 

“It has been quite easy to get my colleagues on board with the project. Most people want their workplace to be sustainable, so when you give them the tools they willingly participate”

Sara Ponnert, Studio Manager and Sustainability Coordinator

One office as a petri dish

The overall vision is to make the company as a whole more climate-friendly. The office in Malmö has been used to spearhead the initiative and their learnings will be used as a basis to reduce overall emissions. However, they started with the low-hanging fruits to test out what works before initiating more complex initiatives.

Three takeaways

  • Making an office sustainable is an iterative process. You need to test, implement and revise. Try initiatives out and ask your colleagues how it works for them or if they have ideas for improvement.
  • A change in culture takes time and understanding. Even though your colleagues are on board with the project it takes time to changes routines. And remember, sustainability is not natural for everyone. You need to give your colleagues tools and guides for them to participate. 
  • Start small and expand when you are ready.

About Avalanche Studio Group

Avalanche Studio Group is a parent company that includes Avalanche Studios, Expansive Worlds, and Systemic Reaction. They had early succes with the first Just Cause game – which later on became a series. They have offices Stockholm, New York and in 2018 they opened an office in Malmö.

Established: 2003
Released titles: Just Cause Series, theHunter Series, Rage 2, Generation Zero and the coming in Malmö developed game Second Extinction
Employees: 350+

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