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Green Games Guide – a resource for game businesses

The Green Games Guide is an English perspective towards the games industry way to lower carbon footprint

Earlier this year, the PlayCreateGreen initiative was followed by UKIE’s Green Games Guide. This is a resource that contains practical advice and steps for games business to reduce their carbon footprint. Developed in collaboration with Games London, the guide can be downloaded here

Green Games Guide
UKIE’s Green Games Guide

The Green Games Guide contents

The Green Games Guide is composed of 18 pages of practical advice. It contains smart ways to think about carbon footprint when it comes to actual development and running a games business. However, it also encourages game businesses to become a role model and source of inspiration for gamers around the world.

Ukie CEO, Dr Jo Twist OBE said: “The impact of climate change affects us all, as individuals, businesses and global citizens. The games industry, with its boundless creativity, its constantly evolving interaction with technology and its power as a communications medium to reach and inspire a global audience of billions is particularly well equipped to start collectively making a real difference.

What we love the most about this guide

We love the Green Games Guide‘s educational approach to the global climate crisis, ripe with a lot of jargon that may scare people away. In addition to explaining this jargon, this guide follows up with detailing the games industry lifecycle. It highlights subjects and issues that many of us may not even thing about. The advice comes naturally and it is backed up with great case studies and examples. It culminates with an inspiring call to action for game creators, whose products speaks to 2.5 billion people around the world. We can indeed inspire our audiences to think more about the environment.

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