Raise awareness in the industry

If you want to do more than to clean your own backyard, you can reach out to help and inspire other professionals in the industry.

Combating climate change is a shared responsibility and we need everyone to take an active role. 

One of the best ways to support others in the industry is to share your knowledge and experience. Many companies are motivated to do more, but find it difficult to know, where to start, or how to do more. There is a need for more information and specific examples to help inspire. We have found that everyone have done something interesting that is valuable to share. 

What can you do?

Ideas and examples

  • Speak publicly at events about what you do to reduce carbon emissions
  • Create guides for others to read and follow
  • Publish articles in industry media
  • Open-source your process, work tools and conclusion

What have others done?

Selected blog posts