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Empower and nudge players in-game

Games reach billions of players all over the world. Perhaps one of the largest impacts we can have as an industry, is to make use of our reach to nudge the world in a greener direction.

Through our games, we can empower, educate and nudge players. Especially the games that are already launched, live and being played present a massive opportunity for our industry.

At the Green Mobile Game Jam 2020, some of the largest game companies in the industry took it upon themselves to find innovative ways to educate and empower players about climate change through their mobile games.

The Green Game Jam is an initiative by the UN-alliance Playing4ThePlanet. The jam took place in the spring of 2020 and saw the game companies come together to collaborate, share and learn from each other as they explored how to integrate green nudges into their live games. 

The company Playdemic took the winning prize of the game jam. They plan to segment their players based on their view on climate change and deliver incentivised content on the topic of climate change and sustainability. This way, they ambitiously counter both believers, sceptics and deniers.

You can read much more about the event on Playing4ThePlanets website here. You can also find learnings that could be useful to other companies considering building green activations into their games.

Hopefully, this can inspire you to employ green nudges next time you have the chance!

Even more JAM for spring 2021

The Playing4ThePlanet alliance plans to repeat the Green Game Jam in 2021 – and plans for it to be even bigger. They aim to reach 1 billion players with new green nudges. If you are interested in joining next year or simply eager to learn more, you can read more or contact the team behind the jam on their website.

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