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How Embracer Group emphasized green energy in the group

Embracer Group’s story about the power of raising a question and how this led to awareness and change toward green energy

The power of raising a question

Embracer Group is the parent company of businesses developing and publishing PC, console and mobile games for the global games market.

The Group is composed of eight operative groups, 63 internal game development studios and is engaging more than 7000 employees and contracted employers in more than 40 countries. Despite its size and reach, Embracer Group is based in the small city of Karlstad, Sweden.

In 2020, Embracer Group started to measure energy use within our global group and with about 60% of our companies joining in. This was the first time taking such an action on a group level. The decision was motivated by reflecting on where our greatest impact on the environment lies. So, by asking for the data, a mind shift took place for many in the Group.  Such a simple act of measuring data uncovered an essential wealth of understanding about energy-use in our global Group, and that choosing your type of energy depends on many factors, one being location.

Karin Edner, Corporate Governance & Sustainability Coordinator, Embracer Group.

In Sweden, renewable energy is in many occasions, an easy and sometimes even mandatory change to make, already from the provider – such was the case in Karlstad.   

For example, Embracer Group asked their local data center in Karlstad if they are running on renewable energy. They didn’t know and none of their clients ever asked – but just asking the question made them investigate the matter, and now we know they run fully on renewable energy. “We also learned that renewable energy is also not a widely available choice to make in many parts of this world and what measures need to be taken differs a lot”.

Besides this welcomed wisdom, measuring energy consumption and if this energy is green kickstarted a deeper and far more complex conversation within Embracer Group. Initiated in 2019, Embracer has a network of ambassadors across their companies who are actively analysing sustainability and climate topics. The ambassadors with their commitment share insights and valuable knowledge. 

Meeting monthly with dedicated sustainability pioneers has given us very valuable contacts cross-border Embracer Group. This leads to more efficient work at the companies, and it gives us at the parent company an opportunity to anchor initiatives and ideas with people who work in our companies. To be relevant to them now and in the future, we are firm believers that this is one of several ways that takes us in the right direction.  Not only is this a movement for our operations, we believe employees want to work for a responsible organization, measuring  uncovers multiple areas of improvement, so that we know where to put out efforts to move the Group in the preferred direction – a more climate friendly organisation”.

Asking the question about energy consumption and type led to a far better understanding and also to a decision in 2020 to support windmill projects to offset the carbon footprint. It also led to an entirely new chapter of climate responsibility within Embracer Group, who invested more resources to enhance data collection throughout their entire organization. “It is important for us to reduce our footprint and to compensate for the emissions we have”.

Currently, Embracer Group is an active member and Guardian of PlayCreateGreen. The climate handbook is being shared within the Group, and it is also actively evolved and enhanced with important data, practical wisdom and knowledge learned within the group – something all PlayCreateGreen supporters and anyone interested in climate change will benefit from. 

Embracer Group wants to be a part of improving the games industry’s carbon footprint – and take responsibility for the climate and the planet. They believe that collaboration, awareness, concrete data gathering, and knowledge sharing are crucial. 

“The first and easiest step is to ask the question – get curious about your carbon footprint, call your provider and learn about your consumption .” advised Karin Edner. “If all of us take this step and just ask, this can make a significant difference!” 

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