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How to build a green gaming computer

The energy consumption from gaming computers is an important part of the carbon emission from the life cycle of games. But there are ways to reduce this.

Two of the leading researchers on energy consumption of gaming computers have made a website describing things you can do to cut gaming computers energy consumption.

Via their research at the U.S. Department of Energy’s Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Evan and Nathaniel Mills have become experts in how much energy gaming computers and consoles consume and how to improve their efficiency.

On their website Greening the beast you can find information about what to consider when buying a gaming computer in order to make it less energy consuming – and how the cost of it is affected.

We can use this knowledge to make better decisions ourselves when buying hardware. But, you can also share it with players to help them make more informed decisions.

If you are interested in more academic research on the subject from Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory you can find a comprehensive list here.

Their two most highlighted studies are Green Gaming: Energy Efficiency without Performance Compromise and Taming the Energy use of Gaming Computers

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