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Massive Entertainments considerations when creating a sustainable office

When Massive Entertainment moved from their old offices to their new office building Kvarteret Eden, it was important to remain as sustainable as possible. While a move is a complicated process, they had sustainability in mind from the moment the project started.

Renovating an existing building

Choosing Eden as their new home allowed Massive to work with an already established building, which could be renovated for their needs while minimizing the environmental impact. The architects chosen made sure to make as little changes as possible to the already existing building, instead of building a brand new one.

“We rented our old offices, so we had no control over certain aspects. Actually owning the new building allow us to pick our energy provider ourselves for example. We opted to go for district heating, which is more environmentally friendly than what we used to have.“

Alf Condelius, COO

The Forum and roof-top garden

When Massive started evaluating architects for the new building, many of them wanted to construct a new building in the empty space in the middle of Eden, removing the parking lot that used to be there. 

“The architect we picked had a different approach – instead of proposing a brand-new building, they simply drew a line over that area”

“They took the opportunity to build our Forum, a wide-open space in between the three wings that connects the whole office, creating a social and creative place for us to meet in.”

Alf Condelius, COO

The Forum uses natural ventilation. There are heat, wind and carbon dioxide sensors that automatically open the windows if the Forum gets too hot or closes them when it gets too cold.  Instead of using mechanical ventilation, this system uses less energy than more conventional ACs use.

“The Forum also allowed us to build our roof-top garden. With the garden, we wanted to give back green to the urban environment around us, while at the same time create place in the building to meet in the open air.”

Alf Condelius, COO

The Forum and roof-top garden also connect the different wings, so you can walk outside when moving around the building. You can read more about the construction process and the garden on Massive’s blog. 

Commuting to Eden

“One important ambition was to make sure we enabled our employees to walk, bike or use public transport when going to work”

“To find out where our new offices should be located, we made a mapping of where our employees live, which in turn led us to Möllevången and Eden. We then made a mobility investigation, in order to make sure that the new building would enable our employees to get to work in a sustainable way.” 

“We planned the building based on this research – we’ve built our large bike garages, bought company bikes, installed screens that show when busses and nearby trains leave and built charging stations for electric bikes. And the central location allows many to walk to the offices instead of taking the car.”

Alf Condelius, COO

Massive is also a part of Malmö Works, a project that works to enable more sustainable travel options to and from work. You can read more about Malmö Works on their website.

Overall, the move to Eden will allow Massive to think greener, have greater freedom, and to work in a more sustainable way according to their company values.

About Massive Entertainment

Massive Entertainment is a world-leading AAA studio located in Malmö and part of the global Ubisoft family. With their 650 employees from 50 countries, Massive constitute one of the biggest video game producers in Sweden.

Established: 1997
Released titles: E.g. Ground Control, World In Conflict, Far Cry 3, Assassins Creed Revelations, Just Dance Now, The Division, The Division 2.
Employees:  650 employees from 50 countries

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