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PlayCreateGreen is a green movement within the games industry. We act on, share, acknowledge, track and celebrate climate action. We seek architects, ambassadors and supporters to join us in creating green improvements within the games industry. 

Learn more about the movement and how you can join at Get inspired by the latest climate initiatives within the games industry. Download the climate handbook, with practical suggestions to improve your carbon footprint. Become the architect of a games industry driven movement that takes responsibility and improves its carbon footprint.

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Many game studio founders and developers I meet want to take lead and have an positive climate impact – and a lot of game studios already are. Some don’t know where to start and some don’t know where to go next. PlayCreateGreen is a green movement community and handbook that gives everybody the opportunity to get started, be inspired and take action. It’s by and for the game industry. Together one step at a time I believe we can have a positive impact and lead change that will have an even bigger impact down the line. – Sofie Filt Læntver, Director Of Partnerships at Nordisk Games.

Everyone in the games industry is proud of how the work we do is loved and enjoyed by millions of people every day. The Industry also share the responsibility to our players, fans, employees, and our environment to think and act in a way that is good for everyone. I hope that by creating a forum for sharing ideas and experiences, we can make a collective difference. – Karin Edner, Corporate Governance & Sustainability Coordinator at Embracer Group

You can work as a CEO, programmer, designer, communication specialist or within HR; your role doesn’t matter. Everyone has something to share and something to learn, and by working together we can make real and long-term change’ We hope PlayCreateGreen can inspire people in our industry to reflect over what they can do to become greener. – Karolina Lundin, CSR & Communications Manager at Massive Entertainment.

PlayCreateGreen comes from the industry, not some outside pressure. It is the commitment from the people – developers, management, owners – that is the driving force. We need to join forces to interact with the world outside our industry, to reduce our carbon emissions and to share our learnings with others. Otherwise, it’s no planet- no games. – Per Strömbäck, spokesperson for the Swedish Games Industry trade group.

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