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Raw Fury’s guide to stylish decorations

With a catch! The catch is, use second hand furniture as far as it is possible

Where do you start, when you all of a sudden have an amazing four floor house from year 1852 to decorate?  

“Personally, I have a great passion for old houses in general, houses which carries a history, and  interesting stories from the past. The same goes with interiors, the selection of furniture that goes  inside these special spaces and forms a personal touch” says Jeanette Bauer, event guru and  interior design magician. 

So when the decision was made for Raw Fury to move to a bigger office from a cosy historical  100sqm space in Gamla Stan, we felt extremely lucky to have found a new 400 sqm historical  environment we could take on and call our new home. We wanted to keep the cosy atmosphere  from the old Hangout and aim for a personal workplace, with room for creative ideas, social  activities, and welcoming areas for exciting meetings. 

One element which was of high importance was “vintage” and leaving a small environmental  footprint. To be nice to our planet earth, while also giving new life to old items, saving money as  well as adding handpicked and unique items to surround a creative team of amazing individuals. 

The goal was to design a space with less corporate and mainstream mass-produced office  furniture, and instead add details found in small vintage stores, online auctions, second hand markets etc. Aiming high required keeping an eye out for months, collecting details which brings  a smile on a face, fill a function, and yet add a laidback comfort feeling. 

We included most of the already available items from Hangout and went hunting for  special and unique vintage items to match them. A mood board was created for inspiration, where we clearly wanted a mix of old and new to form a special unity. Keeping a soft colour palette inspired from our own Raw Fury gradient, mixing materials such as wood and velvet,  allowed us to keep a red thread in the entire house. Our love for our published games are  mirrored in the many game key art pictures hanging on the Fury walls in vintage collected frames  from Stadsmissionen and the Red Cross. 

The work environment is a space which we normally spend more time at than our own home. So  this old house became our own House of Fury, a house filled with rooms which many associate  with interior details picked for a private home. But who says that a meeting room has to be filled  with a brand new square desk, 4 chairs and a standard ceiling lamp? When it can also be  designed as a casual living room, with sofas, plants, carpets, different lamps, cupboards, and  different pictures on the walls etc.  

Our actual work desks and chairs are an exception, these are new and flexible. These are ordered  for a reason to create a consent look among the workstations and for easier planning, while we  grow and may need to shift layout from time to time to meet upcoming needs. Since the desks  can be height adjusted, this helps for a flexible work position while vintage desks may be more  complicated to fill these demands. But the rest – the details – and surroundings can keep the  vintage goal still and this will be an ongoing project for years to come. Because really, when is a  home ever complete? Maybe a pink vintage porcelain elephant in an office window is exactly  what all offices need?

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