Impact during game development and production

This area covers the emissions occurring from the day-to-day operations when you develop games.

It covers activities in and around your office(s) as well as any travels between offices or with collaborators.

Starting to reduce impact during development and production is about identifying low-hanging fruits in your day-to-day operations. If you look around your office or in your calendar with a sustainability-mindset, you will surely find habits or activities, where you and your colleagues can cut down on carbon emissions. Some things, like changing energy provider, only takes the effort of one person, whereas other things, such as waste management or using less electricity, may require a change of culture.

Changing habits in your office and increasing awareness amongst employees does not have to be difficult, and it will serve as a lever for further actions and even bigger impact.

What can you do?

Ideas and examples

In the office

  • Sort garbage (and recycle where possible)
  • Turn off computers when leaving the office
  • Use second-hand furniture
  • Buy local and/or organic food
  • Choose green energy


  • Incentivise climate-friendly commutes, e.g. by supplying free public transportation passes 
  • Establish policies to reduce traveling between offices
  • Shift to more climate-friendly means of transport, i.e. choose train over plane when possible

What have others done?

Selected blog posts