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How games companies restore forests, share their impact to raise awareness and fight climate change

Deforestation contributes to 13% of total human-caused CO2 emissions, exacerbating the biodiversity crisis with 1 million species facing extinction today. That’s why the GamesForest.Club, a Berlin-based NGO supports the games industry in investing into forest protection and forest restoration to tackle climate change. 

Since November 2021 the community of forest restorers has grown to over 59 gaming companies, e-sport teams, developers, conference organizers and publishers. Among them are brands like CD Projekt RED, Miniclip, Remote Control Productions, Xsolla or Megagon Industries. Indies or AAA studios, agencies or e-sport teams, everyone who is part of the industry and wants to make a change is welcomed. 

All together they have protected over 1.4 million square meters of forest and planted over 72k trees through various donation events, in-game donation integrations and conference activations, engaging their employees and players since the start of action.

At the moment, the community supports 14 different handpicked forest projects worldwide, which help to restore forests and biodiversity. Fun news: Thanks to the support, these guys (see picture) were recently seen for the first time in the reforested area, the GamesForest.Club Community supports in Indonesia. They took a selfie with a camera trap from the Glua Glua project in West Sumatra, one of our agroforestry projects. 

Luckily wildlife and vegetation are coming back if we take responsibility. Let’s stop deforestation to not further lose valuable old-growth forests and restore degraded areas.  If you want to check the specific contributions of the different companies and projects, you can visit the uniquely transparent GamesForest.Club platform, where all contributions are made visible in a gamified way: Every €100 contribution equals one digital tree in the respective companies’ digital forest.

If you want to engage in forest restoration as well, or reduce and offset your carbon footprint with a nature based solution visit the website or get in touch via

PS.: We are also partnering with conferences. Huge thanks to Gamescom and Pocket Gamer Connect. Coming up is the Nordic Game Conference 2023, where participants are prompted to act more sustainably and can help to lighten the weight of the conference emissions by donating to forest protection in Peru. Each square meter of protected forest ensures the habitat of various animals and plants and additionally stores up to 60 kg of carbon. 

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