There is a need to share & inspire within our industry to get a positive change started

PlayCreateGreen is a direct result of Bornholm Game Days 2019. At this industry event, more than 40 Nordic game companies decided that climate was the most important issue to address in the following year. Nordisk Games, therefore, offered to facilitate a climate group during 2019-2020 to make real change.

The climate group with representatives from Avalanche Studios Group, BetaDwarf, Embracer Group, Landfall Games, Massive Entertainment, Nordisk Games, SYBO, Reto Moto and Bornholm Game Days addressed several climate issues and soon realized that many others, like themselves, want to act but don’t know how to get started, what to do and who to talk to.

This is the reason why PlayCreateGreen.org was born – to share, inspire, and make real change possible for all game companies. In October 2020 version 1.0 of PlayCreateGreen was launched and Nordisk Games, Embracer Group, Landfall Games, Swedish Games Industry, Massive Entertainment and Advenimus have since taken upon them to contributed to the funds to continue PlayCreateGreen and develop the movement, community, and online handbook.

Today in 2021 Raw Fury, RETO MOTO, Nitro Games and more have also signed up as “activist”, donating their time for free to spread positive climate change, build the community and share more best-practices case stories.

We welcome you all to take lead and make real positive change. Join the community today!

The PlayCreateGreen steering group

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Are you a game company that wants to be part of our group or take part in the development of the handbook, reach out to us through hello@playcreategreen.org