Impact of hardware end-of-life

Carbon emissions from hardware required to play games is also an important issue.

According to an article in The Verge, the production of a single Playstation 4 causes 89 kilograms of carbon emissions. Carbon-intensive production is also a problem with computers, other consoles and mobile devices.

The need for new hardware when older models loose compatibility is another issue. This causes a need to produce even more products.

It can have a big impact to change how hardware is produced, how often players are forced to replace it, and making it easier for everyone to choose a better solution, when discarding hardware. 

What can you do?

Ideas and examples

  • Make sure your games support older versions of hardware or devices, so players can keep playing them on existing hardware
  • Help players make the right decisions when discarding used hardware
  • Put pressure on hardware producers to make use of long-lasting, eco-friendly and easily recyclable or upcyclable materials.
  • Donate your own used hardware to people or organisations in need.

What have others done?

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