Ghost Ship Games & getting the basics right

Ghost Ship Games is one of the newest members of PlayCreateGreen. The company’s office manager, Lizette Jensen, tells us that their green stance is ubiquitous amongst the close-knit team. Since the studio was founded in 2018, Ghost Ship has been focusing on getting the basics right. Thorough recycling, changing to a greener office cleaning service, and switching to a 100% renewable energy provider.

Based in Copenhagen, this small team of 34 dedicated developers is best known for its debut title Deep Rock Galactic, which has generated a lot of positive responses from gamers and an impressive 9/10 score from the reviewers at IGN.

With an established, well-known game under their belt, the team wants to step up its sustainability work and make more changes to the business in future.

The studio currently faces one of the most difficult parts of any company’s green journey. Getting started. When asked what the biggest challenge has been so far, Lizette explained that it’s simply “knowing what to do next”. How can a company make the biggest impact, in an achievable, feasible way while trying to grow a budding games studio?

Climate change has been a lingering threat for decades but it’s only recently major organisations around the world have started making tangible changes to the way they do business. There are so many options and this is a new challenge for many companies. These difficulties really underline PlayCreateGreen’s mission statement and the value of having communities that can act as forums to share ideas and green best practices with others in the industry.

As the Ghost Ship continues building its team and more team power becomes available, they would like to integrate more player-facing green elements into their games to raise awareness about climate change. Will we see the space dwarfs go green in Deep Rock Galactic? Only time will tell.

This is just one of the first steps in Ghost Ship Games’ green journey, so we’ll be sure to update you about their progress and any cool initiatives the team implement.

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