Real-world action in games

Cop27 is upon us, and the summit has once again called for urgent action to address the ongoing climate crisis. It’s great to see so many gaming leaders taking steps to heed these calls. Last week, Ubisoft announced it’s bringing environment-themed events to its games, Brawlhalla, Rocksmith+, Hungry Shark World and Trackmania, this November to raise awareness around the state of the climate today.  

Partner supported
Each of the events is supported by partners to ensure the initiatives lead to real-world action. Brawlhalla players will be able to purchase a new emote. All proceeds supporting reforestation through The World Tree Initiative. Brawlhalla, along with Rocksmith+ and Trackmania, will be giving the proceeds to the environmental action group Ecologi,. The aim of planting 20,000 trees. Astonishingly, this means Ubisoft are on track to plant over a million trees over the course of a year. Hungry Shark World has also teamed up with Glowing Glowing Gone to bolster its campaign to help preserve and restore our coral reefs. 

Ubisoft’s work is a step in the right direction for the gaming industry to help tackle its share of emissions. But it also illustrates that it doesn’t take much for gaming companies to get people talking about sustainability and green issues.  

Player education
There’s a lot gaming companies can do to reduce their impact on the environment. A great place to start is by educating your players. Hungry Shark World has been downloaded over 800 million times, so you can’t underestimate the impact of making simple changes and bringing green messaging into games. With nearly 3 billion players around the world, the games industry has enormous potential to reach people and change the conversation on a global scale. 

As a green initiative Play Create Green was founded for the games industry to share ideas and inspire change. A difficult part of stirring change is often knowing where to start. That’s why we say anyone can join the community and contribute in any way they’re able.  

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